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As a new home owner, one of the things you should remember on a yearly basis is to file an application for Home Owner Grant.

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Richmond BC Real Estate: Home Owner Incentive.

Sheila Atienza is a Richmond BC based Realtor and author of real estate books, including “How to Prepare to Own a Home in Canada: Recession-proof Lifestyle for Immigrants and First Time Buyers” and “Canadian Home Financing Simplified: How to Qualify as a Real Estate Buyer”


Richmond BC, Canada- Prospective borrowers and homebuyers who have had or likely to go through credit problems are often faced by a question on the impact of public record such as debt consolidation/counselling or bankruptcy when applying for a mortgage.

Generally, record such as bankruptcy as well as debt consolidation/consumer proposal will likely stay in the credit report for a long period of time. In Canada for example, record appears up to 7 years for bankcruptcy. Lenders or banks look at the borrower’s profile based on re-established credit (after the bankruptcy or after one had concluded a consumer proposal).

A mortgage broker can look at an application and give advice on client’s particular situation prior to sending it to lender or bank.

Down payment certainly can help. How much downpayment you are able and willing to put up also counts (let’s say 5% , 10% or 20%) and depending on the type and value of property you are buying, the amount may be substantial.

In addition, credit scores of applicant will have to satisfy lending requirement.

Applicants who have may have some credit problems ideally try to come up with at least 20% down in addition to acceptable credit scores.

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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – If you are in a scenario where you have savings in the bank that lets you earn somewhere between two to three percent return, would you be content or satisfied with the rate of return?

I guess, you may start to contemplate where will you move your money into so you can get better return. Hence, some may be tempted to look at the stock market. Unfortunately the ups and downs of the stock market industry presents volatility. That’s a fact. How vulnerable could you be with your money?

It seems that anywhere you go these days, you are likely to get hurt with your money, no matter how big or little you’ve got. You still want to be in a better position.

Investing in a real property where it lets you earn rental income, leverage through home equity or speculate and trade could be another option.

I think it is always best to look at your current position. Make an assessment of your assets and liabilities. In this way, you know how well you are doing. Your objective is simply to find the means to grow the money that you’ve earned hard through your business or employment. You just can’t simply let go of it by not doing the best evaluation you could do to your current situation.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – For those of you who live or work in Richmond, or its neighbouring cities like Vancouver or Surrey, and have been trying to get into the housing market for the first-time, this is the right opportunity for you to look into the apartment listings available in the area near Richmond Centre.

Record of property listings from MLS as of yesterday, September 22, 2008, in Moffatt alone,  at least thirty four units (34) are currently in the market, while Minoru has around thirty six units (36).

Both Moffatt and Minoru areas are considered to be hot locations in the city of Richmond because of their proximity to schools, recreation centres, parks, convenience stores, shopping mall, gasoline stations, library and of course transportation.
When you are thinking of moving into a new home, it is best to consider how much you can actually enjoy the benefit of being in a place that is synonymous to comfort and affordability. Not only that you are saving time and energy but also money, because every bit of your need is almost just a few steps away from home.

Viewing of units in Moffatt and Minoru for prospective homebuyers may be requested by calling 778-896-4493.

Now more than ever, searching for properties via the net in Greater Vancouver made easier and better. With just one press will take you to the most up-to-date inventory listings made available and possible 24/7 through the Multiple Listing Service.

The service helps potential homebuyers and existing homesellers
match their needs through the professional service by the members of the Board. In effect, MLS creates a useful link between REALTORS and Clients.

Launched recently at, Property Search takes the net surfers searching for a home to the mlslink. This gives them options to choose the cities they are interested in, such as Richmond, Burnaby East, Burnaby North, Burnaby South, Surrey, North Delta, Vancouver East,
Vancouver West, Coquitlam and others.

Sheila Atienza, a Richmond-based Realtor who has been serving the needs of first-time homebuyers as well as homesellers across Lower Mainland, invites current renters and existing and would-be-homeowners
to check out regularly for more updates and what other opportunities available for them.

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