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The Book “YOU ARE PRIVILEGED, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” Now Available to Readers

Thursday, February 12, 2009, 5:03:41 PM | admin

News Release

from Privilege Solutions Integrated, Publisher

Finally, the book that Canadian author Sheila Atienza has been working on for some time will now be available to readers.  The book, “YOU ARE PRIVILEGED, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” is specifically written to those who love to explore variety of ways to grow and succeed in any chosen endeavour by looking at the innerself, first and foremost.

The book features Success Principles to discover one’s innermost strength, talent, skill, and strategies, whether as a student or professional, employee or entrepreneur.

The book consists of three parts: Part I-Self-Development (mind, body, and soul) which is the major component to one’s being; Part II-Plan of Action, Financial Goals and Decision-Making; and Part III- Effect of your Well-Being.

You can get a copy of the book “You are Privileged, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” at your favorite bookstores worldwide.

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Publisher Features a book on success written by BC-based author

News courtesy of Publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated

Canadian publisher Privilege Solutions Integrated is featuring a book on success, written by BC-based Real Estate Professional, Sheila Atienza. The book will be available in the market worldwide.

“YOU ARE PRIVILEGED, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” by Sheila Atienza will be available through, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell’s bookshop, Powell’s, and including other bookstores’ and retailers’ websites.

The book will be best suited to people seeking to improve on their self-image and esteem, develop confidence and discover their talents and strengths, personally and professionally.

In addition, those who are looking to find ways to discover a different meaning of success as a student, professional, employee or entrepreneur, this book might be a good read for them. The book could also be a good premium or gift to loved ones, clients, associates and friends.

To learn more about the book, please visit: or

Readers and booklovers can also visit their favorite bookstore’s websites.

BC-based Author Launches a New site on Books

Canadian BC-based author and dual licensed real estate professional, Sheila Atienza launches a new web site on books in which she personally has written for Canadian Publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated.

Her line of books in the following categories will be featured in

Real Estate/Personal Finance



Please check out: