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BC Real Estate, Vancouver Housing Market

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada –

 Although the current condition in the Greater Vancouver real estate is still attractive to the first-time home buyers, one must remember that this current state of home prices won’t be there forever.


We participate in a cyclical market. Therefore, first-time buyers who have been eyeing an opportunity to own a home should take time to find out how they can make use of the benefits of being a home owner.


In the last couple of months, we have been seeing a greater level of interest from first-time buyers.


Some of the reasons why they continue to get attracted are:



  1. Very low interest rates
  2. Affordability (in home prices)
  3. Great savings by availing government incentives for first-time buyers


In the long run, home buyers could see the value of acting upon their decision to be a home owner.



Sheila Atienza, 

Author of “How to Prepare to Own a Home in Canada, Recession-proof Lifestyle for Immigrants and First-time Buyers” (ISBN 978-0981147512)     Barnes and Noble