Book Release Announcement by Canadian Publisher

British Columbia, Canada — BC-based Canadian publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated is pleased to announce that its recently published book “You are Privileged, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” by Canadian author Sheila Atienza, is now available in select bookstores worldwide.

The book, “You are Privileged, 12 Success Principles to Uncover Your Innermost Potential” was specifically written to help readers explore variety of ways to grow and succeed in any chosen endeavour by looking at, first and foremost, one’s inner self.

The book features practical universal principles to discover one’s innermost strength, talent, skill and strategies, whether as a student or professional, employee or entrepreneur. It consists of three parts: Part I-Self-Development (mind, body, and soul) which is the major component to one’s being; Part II-Plan of Action, Financial Goals and Decision-Making; and Part III- Effect of your Well-Being.

“The recession is evident. With the global economic downturn we are all experiencing these days; we could not help but be affected. We hear negative news everywhere. And our exciting outlook for tomorrow may be blocked. The book “You are Privileged” was written to motivate readers to feel good about themselves. It outlines the essential guiding principles that we could all reflect upon our being and experience success we ought to have for ourselves. Everything starts from going back to the fundamental concepts.” says Sheila.

Book author Sheila Atienza, is a BC-based Realtor and Mortgage Broker. She hosts her web sites and writes articles and blogs in real estate, mortgage, personal success and motivation.

The book “You are Privileged” is distributed in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, other European countries, South Africa, Australia and Asian countries by Ingram Book Group, the world’s largest wholesale book distributor.

It is available online at,, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell’s, Chapters Indigo, Mcnally Robinsons, and other independent bookstores worldwide. For more information, please visit: