The Terra Nova Neighbourhood in Richmond BC
When one is looking at home ownership possibility, location is apparently the very very first thing to look at. “What kind of environment does it have?” is a usual question and a great factor to consider.

As several properties in the Terra Nova area are available in the current market, it is very timely to feature the neighbourhood so people may have a better idea of what this popular Richmond area promises.

If one has to describe this enchanting neighbourhood, one can’t help but mention that Terra Nova indeed is a place for nature lovers.

The setting is unique in such a way that one enjoys the beauty and view of mountains, river and wildlife while strolling along the west side dyke. Travellers do enjoy the adventure either through walking or biking.

The location is a plus as it is just across from the airport area.

Art and photography lovers can certainly grasp a good view of migrating birds or some other
interesting subject that may be experienced by going to this Richmond Park.



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