Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – Thinking about your Mortgage???

Is your mortgage up for renewal?
Do you need to access funds through your home equity?
Do you want to grow your investments?
Do you need cash flow for your business?

When you have a mortgage, the responsibility to look at your mortgage in every aspect of it is something that you will have consider prior to deciding on your next step.

You will have to look at the following questions and see if you are quite ready to deal on your mortgage: 

What interest rate was offered to you by your bank? Do you need to shop for rates? Is there an effect to your credit scores when you do the shopping yourself? Are you comfortable with your bank officer? Do you know what questions to ask? Do you know exactly what mortgage products are are available from your bank? Were you offered these products?

How do you know when you are actually getting a good deal, if not the best deal around?

Consulting to learn more about your options is always recommended. A mortgage broker can help you, as they work for you and not the bank or lender. Mortgage broker doesn’t charge you fees. The bank or lender pays the mortgage broker for helping you meet your needs. Fees are only charged on situations that require a challenging solution. If you need to inquire about mortgage, please visit: