Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – A usual question of a prospective homebuyer is whether it is a good time for him or her to finally buy a home, or perhaps, wait for a little while, until he or she feels that the market is totally down. In this way, the homebuyer thinks he or she can speculate and avail of a much lower property price.

Hence, the wait-and-see attitude is evident. Thus, resorting to renting backed by his or her own reasons is what he or she is likely to act upon.

Renting is probably something other people prefer than owning. Who could argue that?

However while in the period of waiting, a renter still pays his or her rent. The amount in the long run could be quite substantial. Let’s say you pay for your monthly housing rental for eight hundred dollars ($800.00). In twelve months, you actually had accumulated an amount of nine thousand six hundred dollars ($9,600). This amount goes to your landlord (who may be holding a mortgage on the property you are renting and pays the mortgage to the lender).

When you convert your rental payments into mortgage payments, the amount that you pay for your own property  goes directly to your lender. You will be in a better position because as time goes by, the property that you now own can let you enjoy leverage as you build equity. 

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